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Welcome to TourneySnaps! This app allows you to select multiple images from your computer and then compare them in a knockout tournament-style competition until you have the final image you like. To get started, click the "Browse" button below to select your images.

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TourneySnaps: The Ultimate Photo Comparison Tool

With TourneySnaps, comparing photos has never been simpler or more enjoyable. This unique, user-friendly app is perfect for photography enthusiasts who often find themselves in a conundrum when choosing the best photo from a group of images.

How It Works

Just click the 'Browse' button and select the images you want to compare. Your images will be displayed in pairs. Choose your preferred image from each pair until you're left with one final image - the winner of your personal tournament.

Choosing the Best Image for Any Occasion

TourneySnaps isn't just for selecting the best photo for a photo album or social media post. This photo comparison tool can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Instagram posts: Ensure your next Instagram post captures attention by selecting the best image from a recent photoshoot.
  • Wedding album cover: Have a multitude of beautiful wedding images? Use TourneySnaps to pick the best image for your album cover.
  • Burst photos: If you've taken a burst of photos to capture the perfect shot, TourneySnaps can help you decide which one truly is the best.
  • AI generated images: Working with AI generated imagery? Use TourneySnaps to compare and select the most visually appealing one.

With TourneySnaps, the possibilities are endless. Try it out today and experience the new, fun way of comparing photos!

Disclaimer: This app does not transfer your images to any server. All image processing happens within your browser.

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